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The IRAC Network is made up of a series of inter-company Committees dedicated to prolonging the effectiveness of insecticides and acaricides by countering the development of resistance. The Committees operate at a global level (IRAC Executive) and at a regional or country level (IRAC Country Groups) and the whole network is termed IRAC International (abbreviated to IRAC).  IRAC as an organisation can only be successful with proactive participation and contributions from the member company representatives, volunteering their time and energies to achieve the agreed goals and objectives.

IRAC Executive – Objectives

A full listing of the current IRAC International Goals & Objectives by Working Group


A grower-focused, animated, and diagrammatic explanation of Insecticide Resistance and its management from CropLife International and the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee. Available in English below or in Chinese Mandarin, or Latin America Spanish or Portuguese.

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