Crop Protection Team

The three Core Activities of IRAC are Crop Protection, Biotechnology and Public Health. Crop Protection is the area where traditionally where IRAC has been most active and as a result a number of working Groups have been formed where the majority of the work is carried. Hence the Crop Protection Team largely acts in a coordinating role for the Crop Working Group and most of the information relating to Crop Protection is located under the relevant working groups or can be found using the resources tab on the web site’s main navigation.

Team Objectives

  • Identify potential, new or existing resistance issues. Set up, re-establish or disband Crop Working Groups as necessary
  • Increase IRAC footprint
  • Develop IRM guidelines
  • Development of joint baseline/monitoring programs
  • Investigate and make recommendations on the extent that IRAC should be involved in other IPM activities that impact IRM
  • Continue to produce high quality educational material and IRM educational tools

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